Ceer and KAUST partner for breakthroughs in smart mobility

Ceer and KAUST partnership
16 Oct 2023
Ceer and KAUST partner for breakthroughs in smart mobility

Ceer and KAUST will work on next-generation innovations in the automotive industry.
Jointly-developed research will translate into innovations for use in Ceer’s electric vehicles.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 16, 2023 – Ceer, Saudi Arabia’s first electric vehicle (EV) brand, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), a leading graduate research institution, are partnering to research, develop and innovate for breakthroughs in smart mobility. The agreement covers a host of areas, including connectivity and autonomous driving, and is in line with KAUST’s new strategy to transform research into economically productive innovations in sectors such as sustainable energy and industrial leadership.

By working together, Ceer’s technical experts and KAUST’s researchers will advance technologies and find groundbreaking solutions that can be implemented as global firsts in Saudi Arabia, with applications for Ceer’s electric vehicles. Ceer and KAUST Innovation will work together to develop an automotive vertical in support of Saudi-based, technology-focused SMEs and the Kingdom’s growing automotive manufacturing industry; promote economic diversification; and create jobs. As part of efforts to enhance cooperation and foster knowledge exchange, Ceer and KAUST will share facilities for the purpose of conducting seminars, conferences, research and development and other collaborative activities.

“Our strategy is built on our ambition to contribute to both Saudi Vision 2030 and the country’s research, development and innovation priorities,” said KAUST President Dr. Tony Chan. “We want to transform groundbreaking research in smart mobility into concepts that can be used by the electric vehicle industry and in Ceer’s own EVs. By joining with Ceer, we can co-develop new ideas and applications that will help reduce emissions, make our vehicles safer and smarter, and ultimately help diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to partner with KAUST to co-create next-gen technologies for our made-in-Saudi electric vehicles,” said Ceer CEO James DeLuca. “Together, we will accelerate research in the automotive industry to create innovations here in the Kingdom while creating more high-value jobs for young nationals to further diversify the Saudi economy.”