Ceer to use Siemens Automation Systems at its electric vehicle manufacturing complex

09 Nov 2023
Ceer to use Siemens Automation Systems at its electric vehicle manufacturing complex

  • Ceer’s plant in King Abdullah Economic City will use Siemens Digital Industries technologies to enhance automation through digitalization
  • Siemens will offer an extensive training program for over 100 Ceer engineers

Ceer, Saudi Arabia’s first electric vehicle (EV) brand, will be entering into new directed sourcing agreements with third party line builders and contractors and Siemens for an advanced automation system for its manufacturing facility in King Abdullah Economic City. This collaboration will redefine automotive manufacturing in Saudi Arabia and will enhance the Kingdom’s economic growth, with projections of an additional US$8 billion to Saudi Arabia’s GDP by 2034.

The core element of the agreements involves integrating Siemens Digital Industries’ solutions to ensure streamlined digitalization and automation within Ceer’s operations. As part of the commitment to knowledge-sharing, Siemens will offer an extensive training program for 100 engineers at Ceer. This initiative will cultivate local expertise, familiarizing them with Siemens’ advanced technologies, and will help to develop a competent workforce ready to spearhead innovation in the automotive sector.

“Our collaboration with Siemens is a significant step toward realizing Ceer’s vision of placing Saudi Arabia at the forefront of the global EV industry,” said Jim DeLuca, Ceer’s CEO. “We are deploying state-of-the-art technologies that will make our plant more productive and efficient, and that will enable us to meet the ambitious target of rolling out Ceer’s portfolio of vehicles in the coming years.”

Siemens concept for “Totally Integrated Automation” will play a central role in controlling and driving all aspects of production; Ceer’s manufacturing facility will deploy Siemens’ automation across manufacturing lines and production sections. Siemens Simatic Controllers will enable Ceer to automate factory operations such as robots and conveyor lines, including safety functionality.

“We are committed to elevating the automotive manufacturing sector in Saudi Arabia,” said Fawwaz Alshammari, SVP and Country Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Saudi Arabia. “Our dedication to the Kingdom’s sustainable growth is evident in localizing technologies and developing talent through our training initiatives in many sectors.”